Carbon-Based Nano-Materials and Devices

Start Date : 2013/11/03

Termination date : 2013/11/08

City : Hualien


Website : ‎http://www.engconfintl.org/13ap.html

Description : Carbon-based nano-materials and devices have opened up opportunities for various applications. Recent developments in constructing nanostructures using carbon atoms and organic molecules enable us to create carbon-based nanoscale materials and novel devices with fundamentally new properties and unprecedented functions. Carbon-based nanotechnology is anticipated to dramatically change every aspect of our life. Reflecting the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of nanoscience, carbon-based nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanochemistry, nanobiology, and nanobiomedicine are the areas attracting wide attention. These areas not only represent novel and unique chemical strategies to make unprecedented functional carbon-based nanomaterials, but also represent wide-range applications of carbon-based nanodevices. Therefore, a full-scale international conference is timely justified not only for educating scientists and students but also for promoting the intellectual exchange of research ideas. This conference aims to provide a forum for researchers, scientists and engineers from different countries worldwide, who are actively involved in the research on nanoscience and nanotechnology, in particular on carbon-based nanomaterials and their device applications such as biological and chemical sensing, energy conversion and harvesting, electronic and photonic applications, catalysis, electrochemistry, and simulations, to disseminate their latest research results and development achievements. In addition to the exciting scientific and technological themes, the conference offers a platform to promote and encourage interaction among researchers for cross-fertilization of ideas and collaboration. The program will consist of a series of invited, contributed oral, and poster presentations. To enhance the interaction with poster presenters, they will also give a short introduction (3 min) to advertise their work. In addition, a panel discussion will be held to promote the interaction among scientists and researchers, including discussions on new research directions for carbon-based nano-materials and devices, summary of the current state of the art and future barriers, and projections of future frontiers.