International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering and Interdisciplinary Developments (ICRAMID-2014)

Start Date : 2014/03/07

Termination date : 2014/03/08

City : Nagercoil, Kanyakumari Dist, Tamil Nadu

Country : INDIA

Website : ‎http://www.icramid2014.org/

Description : This International Conference aims to bring together innovative academicians, researchers and industrial experts in the field of Mechanical Engineering to a common forum for a constructive dialog on theoretical concepts and practical ideas. Many experts from the field of Material Science, Automobile Engineering, Nanotechnology, Alternative Fuels, Aerodynamics and Aerospace are the members of Advisory & Technical Committees, and they provide their rich experience in organizing this conference and they will deliver their rich experience before the participants and delegates to make this forum an interactive one. Technologists, Scientists, Professionals and Research Scholars from Regional, National and International level are invited to present their original work for this conference.Aimed at nothing more than showcasing the real talents to the world through their own fullest participation, this forum guarantees in tailoring the possibilities of each work.Representing diversity of fields, the chances are immense for all enthusiasts and provide a perfect area to nestle down in this hectic competitive environment.