2nd International Conference on Clean Energy

Start Date : 2014/04/13

Termination date : 2014/04/16

City : Qingdao

Country : CHINA

Website : ‎http://www.rsc.org/ConferencesAndEvents/RSCEvents/International/China/Clean-Energy-Science-2013.asp

Description : The search for sources of clean energy is becoming increasingly urgent as the supply of available energy from fossil fuels decreases and concerns increase about their environmental impact. Alternative sources of clean energy, such as solar energy and biofuels offer great potential; however there are big challenges to be overcome before current clean energy generations and energy storage technologies make these a viable alternative. This 2nd International Conference on Clean Energy offers a unique opportunity for international researchers to discuss the latest developments in clean energy and energy storage research, and the fundamental issues surrounding the scientific challenges faced ahead. Some of the key themes being covered are: Bio and bioinspired systems for energy conversion Biofuels and biomass conversion Clean coal and fossil fuels CO capture, storage and utilization Electrochemical energy conversion and storage Hydrogen production and storage Materials and nanotechnology for energy systems Photocatalysis and environmental catalysis Solar energy conversion