International Conference on Construction Materials and Structures

Start Date : 2014/11/24

Termination date : 2014/11/26

City : Johannesburg, Gauteng


Website : ‎http://www.iccmats-uj.co.za

Description : The conference topics are herein outlined but other relevant titles will be considered. Papers may be based on experimental work, research and development, practice or industry application, case studies, innovations or other relevant work related to the following construction materials in their structural or non-structural applications: Cement, Concrete, Bitumen, Masonry, Steel, Timber, Special Building Materials, Polymers. 1. Materials and Characterisation · Physical properties and behaviour · Chemical admixtures and pozzolans · Cement chemistry and crystallography · Geopolymers and clinker-free cements · Concrete in developing countries · Computer-aided materials modelling · Microstructural and analytical characterisation · Nanotechnology in construction · Performance-based methods and criteria · Advanced composites and special materials · Special concrete types including high strength /high performance concrete, shotcrete, roller-compacted concrete, lightweight concrete, self- compacting concrete, pervious concrete, fibre reinforced concrete, radiation shielding concrete, polymer concretes · Smart materials and structures · Fibre reinforced polymers 2. Durability of Construction Materials · Deterioration processes in concrete under severe environments: alkali-silica reaction, sulphate attack, corrosion, chloride attack, freeze-thaw action etc. · Degradation of bituminous pavements, masonry, steel, timber construction · Life-cycle assessment 3. Structural Implications and Service Life · Innovative concepts and designs · Design for durability · Service life modelling of concrete structures · Reliability · Non-destructive testing and structural health · Earthquake, impact and fatigue resistance · Fire performance of materials in structures · Behaviour of structural components · Structural composites such as steel-timber-concrete components etc. · Computer applications in structural modelling and mechanics 4.Sustainability and the Environment · Waste utilization in construction materials · Alternative fuels for cement manufacture · Reduction of CO2 emissions from construction industry · Appropriate technologies 5. Any Other Relevant Topics