International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Colombo (ICNSNT 2014)

Start Date : 2014/08/12

Termination date : 2014/08/13

City : Colombo

Country : SRI LANKA

Website : ‎http://nanoconference.co/

Description : Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2014 Conference Overview Nanoscience and nanotechnology are at the forefront of modern research. Nanotechnology is the application of nanoscience leading to the use of new nanomaterials and nanosize components in useful products. Nanotechnology will eventually provide us with the ability to design custom-made materials and products with new enhanced properties, new nanoelectronics components, new types of “smart” medicines and sensors, and even interfaces between electronics and biological systems. These newborn scientific disciplines are situated at the interface between physics, chemistry, materials science, microelectronics, biochemistry, and biotechnology. Control of these disciplines therefore requires an academic and multidisciplinary scientific education and researches. The International conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2014(ICNSNT)-Colombo has set up two objective for this Conference. First objective is creating a platform to worldwide sceintists, chemists, physicists, engineers, biologists, biochemists to discuss about the new development and innovations in the field of nanoscience and Nanotechnology. The second objective of the Nanoscience Conference – 2014, is providing opportunity to network with each other and share their knowledge and experience to build better world that would far more better than the where we are living today. The ICNSNT 2014 will be full with honored speakers from around the world. Conference organizing committee would invite you to submit your research paper. Papers which cover areas of nanoelectronic, Nanophotonic, Nano science and society, Health, Safety and Public Health, Energy and Environment, Nanomedicine / Biomedical Applications, Nano in Textile, Agriculture and Food Science are motivated to submit papers before the deadlines. During the conference, we will set up series of activities including key note sessions, posters, cultural show, networking dinner, presentations. We believe you all will enjoy this 2 day conference and you will end up with deep impression about the conference. Also we assure that you could find what you expected to see and experienced with ICNSNT 2014. Conference Tracks Nanoscale modeling and simulations Nanoelectronics and molecular electronics Nanoscale physics, electrical transport, quantum physics Health, Safety and Public Health Energy and Environment Nanoscience and Society Nanobiotechnology and nanomedicine Nano in Textile, Agriculture and Food Science