19th International Conference on Ternary and Multinary Compounds (ICTMC-19)

Start Date : 2014/09/01

Termination date : 2014/09/05

City : Niigata

Country : JAPAN

Website : ‎http://annex.jsap.or.jp/tmc/ictmc19/index.html

Description : The ICTMC-19 is the 19th conference in the series beginning with ICTSC-1 in Bath (1973), and following ICTMC-17 in Baku (2010) and ICTMC-18 in Salzburg (2012). The conference is covering physics, chemistry, materials science, device engineering, and also growth and theory of various ternary and multinary compounds: chalcopyrite-type (I-III-VI2, II-IV-V2), kesterite-type (I2-II-IV-VI4), sphalerite-type and wurtzite-type (III-V, II-VI, etc.), perovskite-type, skutterudite-type, complex-oxides, complex-nitrides, and so on. We would like to exchange information and experience between relevant material fields in the interdisciplinary forum. Topics Growth and preparation techniques; bulk materials, thin films, nanostructured materials, nanoscale structures Characterization techniques, including large scale facilities Computational material design and modeling Photovoltaic materials and applications (CIGSSe, CZTS, CTS, etc) New high-efficiency solar-cell design based on multi-junction, nano-dots, mid-gap-state, and others Light emitting materials and devices Spintronic, thermoelectric, multiferroic and superconductive materials and applications Miscellaneous