International Conference on Solid Films and Surfaces (ICSFS 17)

Start Date : 2014/09/08

Termination date : 2014/09/11

City : Rio de Janeiro

Country : BRAZIL

Website : ‎http://www2.inmetro.gov.br/icsfs17/

Description : ICSFS-17 will focus on recent advances in controlling and characterizing the physical and chemical properties of films and surfaces, with a particular emphasis on materials for energy, electronic, photonic and spintronic applications, in addition to bio-functionalized structures and devices. ICSFS is strongly interdisciplinary, covering also nano and nano-bio science and technology, wherever surfaces are involved in the future devices. Also for this reason, the Conference traditionally hosts an exhibition space in which a vast selection of advanced and innovative scientific instrumentation is presented. This edition of ICSFS will be together with Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy IV.