6th International Conference on Nanomaterials - Research & Application

Start Date : 2014/11/05

Termination date : 2014/11/07

City : Brno


Website : ‎http://www.nanocon.eu/en/

Description : PLENARY SESSION SESSION A - PREPARATION AND PROPERTIES OF NANOSTRUCTURES Synthetic approaches and study of properties of all types of nanomaterials (0D-3D) - quantum dots, nanopowders, functionalized nanoparticles, nanocomposites, carbon nanostructures, graphene, nanofibres, nanolayeres and films, colloid systems, modeling of nanocrystalline materials, etc. SESSION B - INDUSTRIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL APPLICATIONS OF NANOMATERIALS Applications in catalyses, photocatalysis, coatings and paints, nanofiltration, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, sensors, etc. Applications in construction, energy production and storage, in chemical, textile and consumer industries; water cleaning and ecology applications SESSION C - BIONANOTECHNOLOGY, NANOMATERIALS IN MEDICINE Antibacterial materials and means, biosensors, biocatalyzators, biochemical applications, biogenic nanomaterials Targeted drug transport, tissue engineering, diagnostics, molecular analysis, antitumor therapy, nano-implants, marking and separation of cells, etc. SESSION D - HEALTH, SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT CHALLENGES Influence of nanomaterials on environment and health, potential risks of production, applications and transport of nanomaterials. Risk management, monitoring, toxicity and ecotoxicity of nanomaterials, safety and responsible research, international cooperation, EU and Czech Republic approach SESSION E - STANDARDIZATION, METROLOGY AND CHARACTERIZATION OF NANOMATERIALS Definition, methods of measuring and testing, norms, new methods and approaches to characterization of nanomaterials POSTER SESSION Posters applications focused on nanotechnologies and nanomaterials without limitation will be accepted.