International Conference on Engineering and Technology

Start Date : 2015/03/17

Termination date : 2015/03/18

City : Colombo

Country : SRI LANKA

Website : ‎http://www.conference.serendivus.com/index.php/main/loadEngineeringAndTechnology

Description : On behalf of the organizing committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the ICRPN 2015, in Colombo, Sri Lanka, which will bring together many distinguished researchers from all over the world. Participants will find opportunities for presenting new research, exchanging information, and discussing current issues. Research papers related to all areas of Architecture, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Computer software and applications, Engineering, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, Nanotechnology, Networking, Robotics, Space Environment and Aviation Technology (but are not limited to) are invited for the above international conference which is expected to be attended by the authors from all countries. In addition, all the submitted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings CD and proceeding book. The conference will bring together academics, leading researchers, professionals, engineers, practitioners, scholars, and scientists or anyone in the domain of interest from around the world.