International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials 2015

Start Date : 2015/09/06

Termination date : 2015/09/10

City : Homburg

Country : GERMANY

Website : ‎http://www.diamond-conference.elsevier.com/

Description : The 26th edition of the International Conference on Diamond and Carbon Materials will continue the longstanding practice of high level diamond and carbon material research. This meeting traditionally spans the complete spectrum from fundamental physical and chemical concepts to applied research focussing on the next generation carbon-based devices. It is the primary forum where junior and established scientist can meet to discuss the science and technology of carbon-based materials while enjoying a friendly atmosphere stimulating exchange of the latest results and new ideas. Several oral and poster sessions will be devoted to the different allotropes of carbon, with special focused sessions zooming in on recent trends and hot topics. The DCM2015 “Young Scholar Award” recognizes researchers in the early stage of their career and wishes to offer them an opportunity to highlight their recent results on an international stage through a combination of oral and poster presentations.