2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICNT 2015)

Start Date : 2015/02/19

Termination date : 2015/02/22

City : Haldia, West Bengal

Country : INDIA

Website : ‎http://www.icnt2015.com/

Description : International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICNT 2015) is being organized by Haldia Regional Centre, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE). CONFERENCE TOPICS: The conference topics include but not limited to: TOPICS 1. Nanomaterials: Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials; Graphene, Carbon Nanotube; Graphene Quantam Dot; nanoporous materials; Nanofluid 2. Green nanotechnology: Green Electrochemistry; Greenhouse effect; membrane technology, hydrogen technology 3. Energy technology: Fuel cells; Renewable energy; Biodiesel; Wind Energy; Solar Energy; Hydropower energy 4. Polymer nanocomposite: Nanocomposite membrane; polymer nanocomposite; Thin film coating 5. Application of nanoelectronics device: Nanomagnetic Device, Nanoelectronics Device; Nanorod 6. Nanobiotechnology and its application: Pharmaceutical Industries; Cell culture; Recent advanced application of nanotechnology in biotechnology aspect, Nanocells 7. Molecular and low-dimensional nanoelectronics 8. Nanoscale process modeling and simulation: Theoretical studies on nanotechnology 9. Nanotechnology in industrial separation process: Waste water treatment, CO2 capture 10. Nanotechnology in electrochemistry: Surface coating; Electrochemical Reduction; Electroplating