5-th International Conference Nanomaterials: Applications & Properties’ 2015

Start Date : 2015/09/16

Termination date : 2015/09/23

City : Lviv

Country : UKRAINE

Website : ‎http://nap.sumdu.edu.ua

Description : The conference is devoted to new actual problems of modern Material Science, such as technology of nanomaterial production, and research; properties of nanoparticles, and nanosystems. The conference is also focused on the applications of nanoobjects and nanostructured matters in Hi-Tech Industry, Biology, Medicine, Chemistry, etc. The Conference will be held in the one of the most beauteful and interesting city - Lviv, The center of the city mainly was built in heyday of Austro-Hungarian Empire and has kept its beauty. Lviv residents proud of their heritage and develop tourism infrastructure. With the support of the Lviv City Council, the Local Committee will organizing regular and impromptu interesting trips. Bored in the evening will not give numerous and diverse festivals, street musicians, a network of restaurant-museums, with inexpensive food and original interior, etc.