International Society for Biomedical Polymers & Polymeric Biomaterials (ISBPPB) Annual Conference

Start Date : 2015/07/08

Termination date : 2015/07/10

City : Orlando, FL


Website : ‎http://isbppb.org/conferences-workshops/

Description :

The annual conference will include topics on ALL ASPECTS of Polymeric Biomaterials.

Controlled Release Systems; Bioadhesive Drug Delivery Systems;  Drug Delivery Systems;  Adhesives, Hybrid Materials (Bioinspired); Antimicrobial Polymers; Implant Coating; Bioadhesive Polymer; Biocompatibility; Biodegradable Polymers and Copolymers; Biofunctional Polymers; Biomedical Pharmaceutical Polymers; BioMEMs; Biomimetic Polymer; Biorubber; Biosensors; Bone Applications; Bone Cement; Cardiac Applications; Coatings (Polymer); Conjugates; Contact Lens; Dendrimers and Dendritic Polymers; Dental and Oral Application; Elastomers, Biomedical; Electrospinning and Polymer Nanofibers; Hair and Skin Care, Polymers; Heart Applications; Hemocompatible (blood-contacting) polymers; Hydrogels; Hydrophilic Polymers and Surfaces; Implants (Temporary and Permanent); Injectable polymer, in-situ gelation, Gelling Agents; Medical devices, Polymers for; Membranes; Micelles, Vesicles, and Surfactants (Polymer); Mucoadhesive polymers; Nanocomposites as Biomaterials; Nanofiber for Drug Delivery; Nanoparticles and Applications (Polymer); Opthalmic device and Opthalmic Applications; Polymer Foams; Polymer Scaffolds and Scaffolding Materials, Platforms; Polymeric Drugs; Polymers-Synthetic,Biomedical Applications; Polymers from Natural Resources; Polymersome; Polyplexes and Lipoplexes; Self-Assembling Polymeric Biomaterials; Sensing Biomedical, Polymers for; Shape Memory Polymers; Smart Polymers and Application; Stem Cell Microenvironments (Polymers for); Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels; Theranostic Polymers; Therapeutics; Tissue Engineering Applications; Vascular Grafts;  Wound Dressing, Healing, and Therapy; etc.