7th International Symposium on Nanotechnology, Occupational and Environmental Health

Start Date : 2015/10/18

Termination date : 2015/10/22

City : Legend Safari Lodge, Waterberg Region Limpopo Province


Website : ‎https://www.nanoeh2015.co.za/

Description :

The Symposium welcomes submissions on nanotechnology occupational and environmental health-related topics with emphasis on the following themes:
  • Nanomaterials: applications and short-term health effects
  • Nanomaterials: applications and long-term health effects
  • Safety concerns on the use of nanomaterials regarding their different biokinetics in the human body
  • Important attributes of nanomaterials in predicting their short- and/or long-term effects
  • In vitro and in vivo studies
    • Biodistribution
    • Biodurability
    • Hazard Identification (acute and chronic toxicity, mechanisms of toxicity)
    • Mechanisms of toxicity
  • Setting of OELs
    • Available scientific information on mechanisms of toxicity, estimation of uncertainties, genetic and phenotype variability.
  • Exposure assessment: measurement and modelling.
  • Occupational health and worker protection.
  • Environmental health and environmental protection.
    • Altered accumulation of nanomaterials in the environment and health concerns
  • Size distribution, surface area, particle number: an update on methodology and toxicology.
  • Risk assessment, risk management and regulatory aspects of nanomaterials.
  • Efforts by International Agencies in Occupational and Environmental Health of Nanotechnology