Canadian International Conference on Agriculture & Fisheries 2015

Start Date : 2015/10/12

Termination date : 2015/10/13

City : Toronto

Country : CANADA

Website : ‎http://agriconference.info/canada/#

Description :

The AgriFish 2015 examines our current food systems from production to consumption, and the urgent need to transition to long-term sustainability. The conference promotes the study and application of sustainable agriculture for solutions to the complex problems of resource depletion, environmental degradation, a narrowing of agro biodiversity, continued world hunger, climate change, and the loss of farm land. Rather than focus on separate disciplinary components of Agriculture, Animal sciences, Aqua culture and Fisheries. This conference seeks abstracts on an interdisciplinary approach to food production as one process in a complex landscape of agricultural production, conservation, and human interaction under the specific tracks.

• Animal breeding
• Animal nutrition
• Fisheries science.
• Environmental constraints to animal agriculture
• Food Engineering and biotechnology
• Livestock Biotechnology
• Animal welfare and health
• Livestock Production
• Meat and allied industries
• Nanotechnology in agriculture
• Animal breeding
• Fisheries science
• Poultry science
• Aquaculture
• Biological engineering
• Genetic engineering
• Microbiology
• Agronomy