2016 The 4th International Conference on Intelligent and Automation Systems - ICIAS

Start Date : 2016/02/26

Termination date : 2016/02/28

City : Nha Trang

Country : VIET NAM

Website : ‎http://www.icias.org/

Description :

Original papers are solicited in subjects including, but not limited to the following:

■Advanced Intelligent Systems
■Artificial Intelligence
■Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
■Business and Finance
■Case-based and Temporal Reasoning
■Cognitive Aspects of Intelligent Systems
■Computational Intelligence
■Data Fusion
■Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
■Data Processing
■Decision Support Systems
■Evolutionary Computation
■Education, e-Learning
■Enviromental Engineering
■Fuzzy Sets and Logics, and Their Extensions
■Genetic Algorithms
■Health, Medicine,Bioengineering
■Human-Machine Interaction Intelligent Behavior
■Intelligent Control
■Intelligent Information Security Systems
■Intelligent Measurement
■Intelligent Network Technologies
■Intelligent Signal Processing
■Knowledge Managemen
■Machine Learning
■Multi-Agent Systems
■Neural Networks and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
■Ontology-Based Intelligent Systems
■Petri Nets and Their Extensions
■Power Industry
■Process Control
■Robotics and Manufacturing
■Swarm Intelligence and Ant Colony Optimization
■Man-machine interactions
■Process automation
■Intelligent automation
■Factory modeling and simulation
■laboratory and service automation
■Network-based systems
■Automation in energy systems
■Automation in life sciences and healthcare
■scheduling and coordination
■Nano-scale automation and assembly
■Instrumentation systems
■Biomedical instrumentation and applications