NanoWorld Conference

Start Date : 2016/04/04

Termination date : 2016/04/06

City : Boston


Website : ‎http://jnanoworld.com/nwc/

Description : NanoWorld Journal announces "NanoWorld Conference-2016" in Boston, USA during April 04-06, 2016.

NanoWorld Conference-2016 (NWC-2016) aims to find solutions through Nanotechnology and Nanosciences to the problems facing the world in the key sectors of energy, environment, space, hardware and cancer in order to achieve significant progress with the involvement of overall society.

NWC-2016 is designed to bring together the scientific community - principal investigators, scientists, researchers, analysts, clinicians, policy makers, industry experts, the well-established and the budding entrepreneurs to discuss the present and future perspectives entailing progress, challenges in research and development. NWC-2016 is centered in the key sectors from which depends the human progress and survival, with the aims to enhance worldwide cooperation in research and development. With the NWC-2016, we aim to provide the highest coverage to these fields in order to achieve the scope to help to overcome the problems, too frequently underestimated and growing from energy to environment and natural disasters, from cancer to hardware and space. Temperatures and carbon pollution are raising worldwide with extreme climate changes and increase in public health threats appear associated with extreme weather. Incidentally global carbon dioxide is on the rise synchronously with global temperature and sea water level. At the same time are more intense everywhere energy wastes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, super storms and floods. Similarly cancer appears strongly interlinked to differentiation, ageing and proliferation, and to solve it only an approach quite more focused on the molecular quantitative scale is immediately needed correlating to all pending problems in medicine (ageing, viral transformation, metastasis) for human race survival. Similarly hardware stands still at the inorganic level where gallium arsenide and silicon justify the old statement "garbage in garbage out" for any existing computer regardless the nanoscale being reached. Cell automata, single electron devices and quantum computing is far from being an experimental reality despite enormous efforts and resources being spent. Other routes must be sought but apparently not those based on conductive polymers providing only insights on new architectures but never materialized in stable reproducible devices or computers, despite hopes being raised at the onset. All the above well known challenges are in front of humanity and the time is running out on us very fast. The above considerations bring to define the content of the NWC-2016 organized in six major sectors, namely five ones strictly scientific and technological being strictly energy, cancer, hardware, space and environment, and one very broad named society open instead to the needed political, industrial and social contributions to the solution of the above problems. As conference policy the priority will be given on one side to the presentation capable to make a concrete difference on the present situation in each of the five indicated scientific and technological sectors with transversal contributions from the production of innovative nanomaterials, and on the other side the contributions to the sector society from governments, industries and politicians to induce concrete progress rather than generic statements and interest.