Self-organization in the World of Polymers

Start Date : 2016/07/10

Termination date : 2016/07/14

City : Prague


Website : ‎http://www.imc.cas.cz/sympo/80pmm/

Description :

self-assembly is the key property of matter that leads to hierarchical architecture and in the world of macromolecules leads to unique structure and functionality of polymer systems both in technical and biological applications. Recent remarkable progress in this area was made possible by creative innovative chemistry producing self-assembling macromolecular systems, as well as by significant advancements in physico-chemical techniques, characterization methods and theoretical models.

The symposium will focus on the most recent achievements in the creation, characterization and theoretical description of self-assembled macromolecular systems and their biological and technical applications.

  • Theoretical aspects of polymer self-assembly
  • Supramolecular self-assembly for biomedical applications
  • Supramolecular self-assembly for technical applications
  • Biomimetic self-assembled nanostructures
  • Advanced methods for characterization of supramolecular self-assembly
Excluded topics
  • Polymer networks
  • Inorganic polymers
  • Self-assembly of exclusively biological molecules