IMAC 2016

Start Date : 2016/01/25

Termination date : 2016/01/28

City : Orlando


Website : ‎http://sem.org/CONF-IMAC-TOP.asp

Description :

IMAC has evolved as the technology of structural dynamics has evolved and now includes a broad range of topics in structural dynamics from basic modal analysis and testing through non-linear dynamics and spanning applications from nano devices to full scale bridges and buildings. IMAC now touches almost all of the engineering disciplines: Civil, Mechanical, Industrial, Aerospace, Electrical, Automotive, etc.           

From Active Materials to Vibroacoustics responds to the need to include the effects of adjacent active control, thermal, fluid, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and acoustic systems as interactive boundary conditions for structural dynamics analysis and testing. In addition to these dedicated sessions, traditional sessions covering a wide range of topics ranging from modal test methods to the dynamics of civil structures will once again be available.