Graphene and related Materials: Properties and Applications (GM-2016)

Start Date : 2016/05/23

Termination date : 2016/05/27

City : Paestum

Country : ITALY

Website : ‎http://gm2016.fisica.unisa.it/

Description :

The first International Conference on Graphene and related Materials: Properties and Applications that will be held in Paestum, Italy, on May 23-27, 2016 will gather together experts in the field of fabrication, characterization and application of graphene, graphene oxide and related 2D materials.

Graphene and Graphene oxide
• Synthesis, characterization, properties, and applications
• Growth of large area Graphene
• Physics and chemistry of Graphene
• Graphene for plasmonics and optics
• Field emission from Graphene
• Graphene based nanoelectronic devices
• Graphene and Graphene oxide for energy (battery, capacitor, catalysis, solar)

Graphene based polymer composites
• Functionalization of Graphene and development of novel sensors
• Graphene for Flexible Electronics, Sensors & Composites

Graphene-like 2D materials
• Integration of Graphene with other 2D materials
• electronic, optoelectronic properties and potential applications
• Growth, synthesis techniques and integration methods
• Chemistry and modification of 2DMats
• Structural, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of 2DMats and devices
• Applications of 2DMats in electronics, photonics, energy and biomedicine