2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology-2016 (ICRANN-2016)

Start Date : 2016/12/19

Termination date : 2016/12/20

City : New Delhi, Delhi

Country : INDIA

Website : ‎http://www.jnu.ac.in/Conference/ICRAN-2016.pdf

Description : All peer-reviewed papers of the 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Nanoscience & Nanotechnology ‘ICRANN-2016’ will be published* in ADVANCED SCIENCE LETTERS (www.aspbs.com/science). The potential authors should read “instructions for authors”@
EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: All papers must be 100% original and unpublished. Make sure that manuscripts have not been published in parts (text/figures/tables) in any conference proceedings or journal in any form, any media or any language. Contributors MUST guarantee that the manuscript is free from plagiarism and copyright infringement.
Authors to check each manuscript for plagiarism using software. Similarity above 10% is not acceptable at all. Authors should provide a plagiarism report for their papers.
* Good quality manuscripts which are accepted after peer review will be published subject to the condition that the total number of such manuscripts reaches 50.