1st International Conference on Engineering & Technology, Computer, Basic & Applied Sciences (ECBA- 2017)

Start Date : 2017/01/11

Termination date : 2017/01/12

City : Izmir

Country : TURKEY

Website : ‎http://academicfora.com/ecba-january-11-12-2017-izmir-turkey/

Description : ECBA-2017 Izmir conference is a premier platform for the presentation of novel and creative research results in the fields of theoretical, and applied Engineering & Technology, Computer and Information Technology, Basic and Applied Sciences. The conference will bring together leading researchers, social workers, scientists, and students in the domain of scientific interest from around the world.  The areas of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Applied Science

  • Artificial Intelligence,  Architecture,  Astronomy,
  • Biological Sciences,  Botany,  Chemistry, Design , Earth Science
  • Ecology,  Marine Science,  Physics,  Space Sciences,  Life sciences
  • Computer Sciences,  Logic,  Mathematics,  Statistics, Systems Science,
  • Electrical Engineering, Information Technology
  • Electronics Engineering , Instrumentation Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,   Applied Physics
  • Health Sciences and Medicine,  Ceramic engineering
  • Computing technology,  Electronics ,  Energy
  • Environmental Engineering Sciences,   Engineering physics
  • Environmental technology,  Fisheries science
  • Forestry science,   Materials Engineering
  • Micro technology,   Nanotechnology,  Nuclear technology
  • Optics,  Zoology,  Transportation


  • Nano-materials and Nano-composites,
  • Optical and Electronic Materials,  Nano-Bio-Computing
  • Nanotechnology, Bio-sensors, Bio-electronics and diagnostics
  • Bio-robotics, Bio-medical Image Analysis, Bionics
  • Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence
  • Bioinformatics and Computational Biology
  • Protein structure, Function and Sequence Analysis
  • Bio-medical Engineering, Bio-electrical and neural engineering
  • Health Monitoring Systems and Wearable System
  • Molecular and Cellular Systems, Body’s and Cell’s Bio-signatures
  • Tissue Engineering, Neuro engineering
  • Bio medical Image Processing & Analysis,
  • Micro array Technologies, Bio-medical Data Engineering
  • Bio materials, Data Mining in Pattern Recognition
  • Automation Science and Engineering, Nano-scale Automation
  • Bioinformatics, Bio-molecular & Phylogenetic Databases
  • Query Languages, Interoperability, Bio-Ontology and Data Mining
  • Genes and their Regulation, Sequence Search and Alignment
  • Protein Structure Prediction and Molecular Simulation
  • Molecular Evolution and Phylogeny
  • Functional Genomics, Proteomics
  • Drug Discovery, Bio science Engineering
  • Biological Systems and Models, Bio medicine Engineering
  • Computational Modeling & Data Integration
  • Computational Systems Biology
  • Gene Regulation and Transcriptomics
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants
  • Biodiversity Conservation, Molecular Bio sciences
  • Molecular Medicine, Molecular Microbiology and its Applications

Environmental Engineering

  • Carbon Abatement Technologies [CATs]
  • Co-firing with a CO2-neutral Biomass
  • Super critical and IGCC Cal-fired Power Plant
  • Saline aquifers, Global Environmental Facility
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and mitigation
  • Water supply and treatment
  • Waste water conveyance and treatment, Honey Bucket Systems
  • Solid Waste Management, Scrubbers
  • Carbon Capture Technologies, CO Transport, Storage and Use
  • Global Practices of Environmental Engineering Law.
  • Underpinning Technologies, Electrostatic Precipitators
  • Catalytic Converters, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Reactive Organic Gases (ROG), Recycled Container Housing
  • Hazardous Waste Management, Green IT Concept
  • Organic production of High-value products from seaweed
  • Floating, Ecological, multi-power source desalination plant
  • Hyper-sound water-purifying system
  • Treadmills that convert the rotation of the belt into electricity
  • Designer shopping Cloth bags
  • Reusing instead of recycling packaging
  • Environmental policy and regulation development
  • All interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies