13th Zsigmondy Colloquium of the German Colloid Society

Start Date : 2017/04/05

Termination date : 2017/04/07

City : Saarbrücken

Country : GERMANY

Website : ‎http://www.zsigmondy2017.de

Description : Scope

Interactions between colloidal particles and macromolecules occur in material processing, pharmacy, nanoparticle synthesis, and many other fields. This Zsigmondy colloquium will cover the entire colloidal science and put a focus on particle-polymer combinations.

The 13th Zsigmondy colloquium of the German Colloid Society aims at younger researchers at the pre- and post-doc levels. Our goal is to foster communication between young scientists, senior colleagues, and participants from industry and small enterprises.

  • Colloidal dispersions, polymer solutions, and their mixtures
  • Particle-protein interactions
  • Functional particle-polymer hybrids
  • All topics of colloidal science