2017 International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing and Materials (ICAMM 2017)

Start Date : 2017/06/25

Termination date : 2017/06/27

City : Hong Kong

Country : CHINA

Website : ‎http://www.icamm.org/

Description :

ICAMM 2017 focuses on the advanced manufacturing and materials research. It is a technical congregation where the latest theoretical and technological advances are presented and discussed.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

*  Composite Materials

*  New materials

*  Materials Properties, Measuring Methods and Applications

*  Materials Engineering and Processing Technologies

*  Chemical Engineering and Biotechnological Research

*  Nano materials and technology
*  Superconducting materials and technology

*  Nanotechnology, Nano-Materials and Nano-Composites

*  Thin Films Research

*  New steel material
*  New type of non-ferrous metal alloys