2017 International Conference on MEMS, Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering(ICMNPE 2017)

Start Date : 2017/08/25

Termination date : 2017/08/27

City : Busan


Website : ‎http://www.icmnpe.org/

Description :

2017 International Conference on MEMS, Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering(ICMNPE 2017) will be in Busan, Korea during August 25-27 2017. 

Researchers, scientists, engineers and industry professionals will join together this year at ICMNPE 2017, where the latest research will be unveiled and groundbreaking research projects will be presented. The field of MEMS, Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering is entering an era of unprecedented change and innovation. ICMNPE 2017 presents one of 2017’s premiere opportunities to hear from and network with an international array of experts on the ever evolving state of the field.Advanced Nanomaterials

·         Nanoparticles Synthesis and applications
·         Nanocomposites / Bionanocomposites Materials
·         Nanofluids
·         Nanostructured / nanoporous Materials and devices
·         Nanostructured coatings, surfaces and membranes
·         Carbon Nanostructures and devices
·         Graphene
·         Polymer Nanotechnology
·         Soft Nanotechnology and Colloids 
Nanomaterials   Fabrication, Characterization and Tools
·         Synthesis of Nanomaterials
·         Sustainable Nanomanufacturing
·         Nanoscale Materials Characterization
·         Modeling and Simulation at the Nanoscale
Nanoscale   Electronics
·         Nano Electronics and Photonics
·         Memory and  logic devices, circuits and architecture for   advanced CMOS technologies
·         Beyond and extended CMOS devices
·         spin electronics
·         Sensors based on emerging devices
·         Quantum electronics
·         Neuromorphic architectures
·         Interconnecting nanoscale objects
·         3D approaches
Nanotech for   Energy and Environment
·         Nanomatrials for Clean and Sustainable Technology
·         Nanotechnology for Solar Energy Collection and Conversion
·         Energy Storage and Novel Generation
·         Nanotech for Oil and Gas
·         NanoNuclear Materials
·         Fuels Applications
·         Renewable Energy Technologies
·         Bio Sources for Materials and Fuels
·         Green Chemistry and Materials
·         Water Technologies
·         Smart Grid
Nanotech in   Life Sciences and Medicine
·         Bionanomaterials and Tissues Engineering
·         Biosensors, Diagnostics and Imaging
·         Materials for Drug and Gene Delivery
·         Biomarkers and Nanoparticles
·         Cancer Diagnostics, Imaging and Treatment
·         Drug Delivery and Therapeutics
·         Cancer Nanotechnology
·         Nano Robots
·         DNA nanotechnology
·         Nanotoxicity
Nanotechnology   safety
·         NanoToxicology
·         Risk assessment and management
·         Measurement of health risk
·         Exposure scenarios
·         Regulation and ethical impacts
Nano   Applications
·         Food Technology
·         Catalysis
·         Military and Defence
·         Aeropspace and Vehicle Manufacturers
·         Manufacturing and Construction
·         Textiles
Advanced   Precision Machining and Technologies
Keywords:   Polishing, Grinding, Cutting, CMP, EDM, Laser
Die and Mold Manufacturing
Keywords:   Molding, Injection, Imprinting, Material
Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
Keywords:   3D printer, Cold spray, Stereolithography 
Machine Tools and Elements
Keywords:   High feed rate, High speed spindle
Digital Design and Manufacturing Systems
Keywords:   CAD/CAM, Simulation, 3R, Concurrent Engineering
Green and Sustainable Manufacturing and Technologies
Keywords:   Low power manufacturing, Low energy consumption
Control and Ultra Precision Positioning
Keywords:   Control theory, Monitoring, Simulation
Precision Measurement and Calibration
Keywords: 3D   measurement, Surface, Laser, SPM, Standard
Keywords:   Sensor, Actuator, Electro-mechanical system
·         Design, simulation and analysis tools with experimental   verification
·         Fabrication technologies and processes
·         Silicon and non-silicon materials
·         Electro-mechanical integration techniques
·         Assembly and packaging approaches
·         Metrology and operational evaluation techniques
·         System architecture
·         Mechanical, thermal, and magnetic sensors, actuators, and   systems
·         Fluidic microcomponents and microsystems
·         Microdevices for biomedical engineering
·         Micro chemical analysis systems
·         Microdevices for inertial sensing
·         Microdevices for wireless communication
·         Microdevices for power supply and energy harvesting
·         Optomechanical microdevices and microsystems
·         Nano-electro-mechanical devices and systems
·         Scientific microinstruments
Bio-Medical Engineering and application
Keywords:   Bio-chips, Medical system