2017 3rd International Conference on Automatic Control (ICOAC 2017)

Start Date : 2017/08/26

Termination date : 2017/08/29

City : Hong Kong

Country : CHINA

Website : ‎http://www.icoac.org/

Description : Automatic Control technology:
Linear Systems and Control
Predictive Control
Networked Control Systems
Robust Control
Guidance, Navigation and Control
Discrete-Event Systems
Emerging Technology
Micor/Nano Systems
Intelligent Control
Nonlinear Systems and Control
Hybrid Systems and Control
Machine Vision and Visual Servoing
Digital/Sampled-Data Control
Power Electronics and Control
Identification and Estimation
Smart Material Actuator & Control
Modeling and Simulations
Neural Networks
Autonomous/Intelligent Robots
Stochastic Systems and Control
Servo Control
Industrial Applications
Remote and Supervisory Control
Variable Structure Control
Vehicle Telematics and Control
Quantum control and Computing
Fuzzy Systems and Control
  Control Theory and applications:
Adaptive control
Control theory
Digital control
Optimal control
Vision-based control
Model predictive control
Industrial Control Systems
Process Control
Distributed Control System
Multi-Sensor Control Systems (cameras, IMUs, laser range finders, etc. )
Motion control
Supervisory control (SCADA)
Closed-loop controller
PID controller
Programmable logic controller
Embedded controller
Vision-augmented controller
Exponential stability
Marginal stability
BIBO stability
Lyapunov stability (i.e., asymptotic stability)
Input-to-state (ISS) stability
Control ability
Performance evaluation
Negative feedback
Positive feedback