4th International School and Conference

Start Date : 2017/04/03

Termination date : 2017/04/06

City : St. Petersburg


Website : ‎http://spbopen.spbau.com/

Description : Semiconductor devices, micro- and nanoelectronics

Crystal growth and nanostructures, quantum dots, wires, wells
Photovoltaics, solar cells, optoelectronics Quantum and nonlinear optics
Electric and magnetic properties of semiconductor materials and nanostructures Photonics (nanophotonics, biophotonics, radiophotonics, microcavities and photonics crystals)
Spintronics, ferromagnetics, magneto-optical and electro-optical effects Quantum and nonlinear optics
Biophysics, nanobiotechnologies, nondestructive testing methods of biological objects Crystal and thin film growth
Synthesis and characterization of nanostructures (including quantum dots, wires, wells) Semiconductor lasers (including VCSELs, edge-emitting lasers and LEDs)
THz and microwave electronics