13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry (MC13)

Start Date : 2017/07/10

Termination date : 2017/07/13

City : Liverpool


Website : ‎http://www.rsc.org/events/detail/21273/13th-international-conference-on-materials-chemistry-mc13

Description : Materials Design
The targeted identification of new materials, spanning modelling and knowledge-led approaches i.e., routes based both on computation and an experiment-derived understanding.
Magnetic, Electronic & Optical Materials
The properties or applications of materials related to display technologies, sensors, optics, electronics, printable electronics, magnetics and information storage technologies, spanning all material types including nano, 2D, smart, carbon, and multifunctional materials.
Energy & Environment
Encompassing all aspects of Materials Chemistry related to energy conversion and, storage, and fuel generation and environment control and remediation.
Synthesis, Characterisation, Properties and Application of materials and hybrid materials with nanoscale dimensions and functionality.
Soft Matter & Biomaterials
All aspects of soft matter materials, as well as those specifically targeted at biomaterials applications, especially where there are links between design and function.