Nanoanalysis of Steels and Structural Alloys

Start Date : 2017/09/07

Termination date : 2017/09/08

City : Glasgow

Country : UKRAINE

Website : ‎http://nssa2017.iopconfs.org/home

Description : Steels and other structural alloys increasingly depend on controlled nanostructuring for their properties, such as the formation of finely dispersed nanoscale precipitates. To understand such features and how they depend on alloy composition and processing, subnanometer-resolved analytical imaging is essential.

This conference is therefore focused on the application of EELS and EDX spectrum imaging in the scanning TEM, EFTEM in the conventional TEM and 3D-atom probe tomography to such nanostructured alloys. Presentations are therefore invited on the applications of these techniques (including correlative studies using multiple techniques) applied to steels, aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, and other structural metallic alloys.

The format of the meeting will be as a discussion meeting so each talk will be accompanied with a longer period of time for questions and further discussion than is normal at large conferences. Presenters are also asked not just to show their results, but also to give a “how-to” of the experimental techniques and the data processing in order that best practice can be shared effectively amongst the participants.