The Second International Conference on Mechanical Automation and Control Engineering (MACE 2018)

Start Date : 2018/01/05

Termination date : 2018/01/07

City : Manila


Website : ‎http://www.icmace.com/

Description :


The proposed conference solicits original, unpublished and novel papers for research publication and presentation in research track, and industry/application papers in application track. Articles describing novel ideas and applications in all areas of behavior engineering are of interest, including the following:

• Automatic control and technology
• Linear, nonlinear and fuzzy systems and control
• Predictive, intelligent and servo control
• Electronics automation and electrical engineering
• Networked control systems
• Hybrid systems and control
• Stochastic systems control and remote supervisory control
• Automation instrument and device
• Guidance, navigation and control
• Simulation technology of control system
• Electronic, communication and automatic control technology
• Signal processing systems for control
• Power machinery engineering
• Plc and micro-controllers
• Control theory and application
• Cybernetics
• Control system modeling
• Control theory and methodologies
• Process control and automatic control theory
• Simulation techniques and methodologies
• System engineering theory and practice
• Intelligent optimization algorithm and application
• Circuits and electronics for control
• Automotive control systems and autonomous vehicles
• Automation technology application
• Signal processing systems for control
• Automation in chemical engineering
• Machines and mechanical engineering
• Optimization problems in control engineering
• Manufacturing systems control
• Man-machine interaction and mechatronic engineering
• Theory and technology of optical-mechanical-electrical integration
• Theory, technology and equipment of precision forming and special machining
• Advanced manufacturing technology
• Manufacturing process simulation
• Cims and manufacturing system
• Mechanical and liquid flow dynamic
• Applications of micro and nano systems
• Image recognition and intelligent control
• Development and applications of micro manufacturing equipment
• Miniaturization of molding and casting processes
• Hydraulic servo system
• Laser processing technology and system
• Complex mechanical-electro-liquid system
• Design and operations of manufacturing systems for responsiveness
• Collaborative and digital manufacturing for advancing product quality