Iran Holds 3rd National Nanotechnology Competition

News Date : 2013-05-18 Visit : 10024

The 3rd National Nanotechnology Competition was held in 16 cities of 14 provinces of Iran on May 17

TEHRAN (INIC)- The 3rd National Nanotechnology Competition was held in 16 cities of 14 provinces of Iran on May 17, 2013, with a total number of 3,382 attendants.

The participants in the competition included 1,922 women (57%) and 1,460 men (43%).

The third nanotechnology competition included 100 multiple choices question based on the topics of nanostructures, nanostructures synthesis and production methods, and nanotechnology identification and characterization methods and devices. In addition, four descriptive questions were designed for people who wanted to participate in the teaching examination.

Being the largest scientific competition at university level in the field of nanotechnology in the country, the Competition aimed to create a competitive environment to introduce nanotechnology to the students, to promote nanotechnology education in universities and other scientific and educational institutes in the country, and to guide the educational activities and financial supports provided by Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council.

People who are interested in nanotechnology can evaluate their knowledge about nanotechnology by taking part in the competition to increase their abilities. Moreover, the competition provides an appropriate atmosphere for the competition of nanotechnology promotional institutes, educational companies, and nanotechnology teachers and experts to increase the quality of nanotechnology educational process and to promote this novel technology.

All people, interested in nanotechnology, whose studies are related to nanotechnology at university level, university students, undergraduates, professors, staff, school students, and teachers are allowed to participate in the competition.